Art Wright is the man behind the THUNDER. As engineer, producer, sound designer, composer and musician, Art brings an impressive resume of varied and practical experience to the many types of audio projects that have come his way. Prior to launching Thunder in 1995, Art worked full time since 1980 in advertising, live action production, post-production, graphic design, music production, and recording. His experience on the set and working directly with advertisers, especially as an agency producer, has helped him fully understand his clients needs in the studio. In addition to being one of the earliest Protools users, playing guitar, drums, keyboards, and his magic box of musical toys, Art enjoys trying to make any object make a useful sound. He calls it Painting With Noise and feels lucky to be able to make a living at what has always come so naturally to him. Directing and editing voice-over talent is also a specialty, having supervised thousands of recording sessions as a recordist and producer.